An old milonga venue.

Tango was originally danced by porteños; poor residents of Buenos Aires. Evolved from its humble beginnings in August after the Rio de la Plata at the end of the 1800’s. Observed by the rich and aristocratic residents of Buenos Aires, tango your way slowly towards the upper classes, which l  introduced in Europe.

In early 1920, became a hit in Paris.
Number of tango singers like Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla became famous in 1940 and 1950. He lost his popularity in 1960 and beyond the Argentine Tango Show came in 1980. This touching,emotional dance in the returned.

Today  Today many people around the world dance and enjoy the beauty of Tango todo. With passion it is popular in Scandinavia, Japan and other countries. As evidence, there are many schools of tango clubs that offer lessons.

There are several types of tango. The most popular are:

1) American tango is typically danced at social gatherings where you can dance with someone  that one has never danced with before. It is a style of lead and follow.

2) In the international style of tango – is more choreography and is often used in competitions. If a dancer forgets his / her routine, it is very difficult to fully recover.

Night at a milonga.

3) the Argentine tango, it  is a completely different style and not so often danced in ballrooms, but the special Argentine Tango Milonga dance venue, Argentine tango is but danced all night. The leader must know every step of the follower takes and always takes care of her. Argentine tango is often very romantic and very smooth.

Although the steps are already todo tango in style and very intriguing, most dancers use additional steps to customize the dance. As long as it expresses deep emotion, romance, passion, grief, life and death that is more attractive. It  is a quiet and intimate communication between the dancers. Music has an important role in the success of this dance. Tango singers  express the emotional content of their text singing.

A magnificent collection of tango music, also paved the way, the  one of these albums is called Todo Tango [Milan]. Its purpose different types of projects the music of tango and its variations. In particular submit origin of the tango, the tango or tango nuevo voice. Among the stars are interesting Astor Piazzola, Nestor Marconi, Roberto Goyeneche and the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel.

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